Backup and Monitoring

Backups have been around as long as computers and it is the single most important thing service we provide. Every day in the news we hear of fires, floods, hurricanes and cyber-attacks. When disaster strikes your business (and it will) your backup is your key to recovery. We deal with this every month from businesses big and small who would have lose their data without our backup service.

No business can afford down time due to data loss and it can be almost impossible for your business to recover if the loss is significant. This catastrophe can affect all aspects of your business including delivering your goods and services, managing your team, making business decisions and basic business operations. If you are struck by disaster, a good backup will save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time getting back to work.

All Net Connect can protect your business files and data by providing backup in real time either locally or cloud-based. Things change, data moves, onsite backups can be stolen or destroyed. Backups must be managed, reviewed and tested on a regular basis and monitored every day to insure they succeed. We remove the burden of monitoring and managing your backups and help you plan for unexpected issues.

With health monitoring for your business, we automatically detect and fix problems before you even know there is a potential issue, saving valuable time and resources. We monitor your hard drives, workstations, servers and your entire network. We get an alerts, we fix the problems, and you keep running and building your business without any downtime. Like fire and burglar alarms, they remain silent protecting your network until needed.

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