3rd Party Software

Third party software often refers to programs you need to browse the web like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash and Java. Or you computer’s basic software required to run a computer like Windows, Linux or iOS. It can also refer to applications, or software that runs on top of your operating systems, like Word and Excel that we use every day.

The landscape is constantly changing but older versions of these programs have security holes and must be patched or updated on a regular basis. Some specialized applications for your business interact with a server or the cloud and are complicated to set up and configure.

Our technicians at All Net Connect set up systems on a daily basis and are familiar with most procedures, can answer technical questions and are your expert when dealing with vendor support personnel.

We provide support for all Microsoft Software for workstations, servers and the cloud.  We also support and install any software your business might need and we provide the on-site technical support your software vendors need for successful implementation.

Want to know if we can help with your business software? We probably know it and can help.

See 3rd party sofware management as part of a complete IT solution.