Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT and what do I need for my business?

Information Technology, or IT, refers to the electronic management of data and communications.  IT includes hardware, like computers, servers, storage devices and even smartphones. IT also includes software, operating systems, networks, security systems, databases, backup systems and cloud computing. IT usually refers to business applications, but these days we all use IT. Did you open an email today? You used IT.

All Net Connect provides Managed IT at various levels, depending on an organization’s needs. Every business is different. Do you need it? We’d be happy to perform a FREE Pro IT Review and provide recommendations.

What is Network Administration?

Network Administation is the act of keeping your computer network operational and up-to-date. Any business that has multiple computers and software programs, needs to coordinate and connect them to eliminate downtime.

What is a server and do I need one for my business?

A server is a powerful computer designed to run 24/7  for up to 10 years or more. Servers do the heavy lifting for networks of workstations, storing and sharing files, applications, databases, emails and other data. But managing small networks has changed over the years. Many functions that used to be performed by local servers have moved to the cloud. Cloud-based services do require a reliable, fast Internet connection, and your business might run specialized software that must run on a local server. We can help you evaluate the choices.

How can I keep my business network safe?

There’s no magic bullet for cybersecurity, but there is magic buckshot. By that we mean, build a layered security system using many lines of defense. They should  include firewalls, security software, end-point protections, and regular, automatic, off-line backups. Cybercrime is projected to keep rising over the next decade and the attacks will continue to evolve. So today we have to think beyond the network, to include the person sitting at the keyboard. Train your staff to help defend the network.. We also have to think about the hackers themselves—their motivation (money, duh), their methods, and how to recognize their schemes..

How can I detect an unsafe email?

Be vigilant and train staff regularly, especially about email. Constantly remind employees not to trust email—especially unsolicited messages, no matter what the source. Hover over links and carefully examine them.. Look for the root domain after the last dot in the url.  (Typically “.com”) and watch for names that are similar but not exactly like trusted domains. When in doubt delete it.Hackers can spoof sender information

What is "the cloud" and is it safe?

One definition of the cloud is, everything connected to the Internet. And it’s not totally safe. There are a lot of bad actors out there. That said, cloud services like Office 365, Azure and other reputable platforms are probably safer than your own local network. These services run on massive server farms that are backed up and duplicated, for safety. In some cases they are even backed up to other geographical locations. And some of these services use artificial intelligence to detect threats, which would be too expensive to run locally. Cloud services also allow you to access your data from anywhere with any device, and they save  space on you local network.

How do I set up email for my business?

Most people are familiar with public mail servers like Gmail and Anyone can create user name that sounds like a business, but these servers are more appropriate for personal email. A more professional solution is to get your own domain name and create email users in that domain. It’s easy. You can do this yourself at sites like GoDaddy or Microsoft Office 365 or you can contact us if you need help.

What's the best way to back up my computer and data?

It’s as easy as 3-2-1. Keep three copies of your data—two copies onsite (your working data and a safety copy) and one copy offsite in safe location or in the cloud. With falling prices of cloud storage and faster Internet speeds, few businesses use tapes or other storage systems to backup data. If you have less than a gigabyte of data, cloud-only backup is sufficient. But if you need to be able to restore large amounts of data quickly, then local backup storage is a must. Backup programs should be fast, efficient and easy to use. Keep multiple versions of your data to guard against ransom attacks. Periodically do test restore and review what you are backing up.  

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription service for  Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and other software. It’s a bargain when you consider that it comes with 1 Terabyte of cloud storage and each user can install the applications on several devices. For more information click here.

Do I need to worry about Ransomware?

Well, the simple answer is yes. Now that the bad actors have found a way to make money off their malware, we all have to worry. But we don’t have to lose sleep. Instead, be proactive. Follow the well-documented defenses. Most important, back up your data with multiple versions and store it on a device that’s not connected to your network..

FAQs about All Net Connect

What are your rates?

Our rate depends on what level of Managed IT you need. We’ll tailor our services and rates to fit your business. All Net Connect’s clients range from businesses with a couple of workstations and smarphones to enterprises with a couple hundred work stations and servers to match. Contact us for details. 

Do you provide 24-hour service?

We do offer 24-hour emergency service. And we can access your network remotely, which gives us the ability to respond quickly, often within 15 minutes.

Where is your office?

We work exclusively on site or from our home offices. Our customers like to know their tech and the onsite service is the best way to get to know your business and train your employees to use your technology. Our remote management and control solutions enhance our effectiveness and eliminate travel time for quick fixes.

If we have an issue, do you provide same-day service?

Yes! We can access our client’s network remotely, allowing us to respond in 15 minutes and if you need us on-site we can usually be there the same day.

If we hire you, will I have one main point of contact?

We strongly believe that giving you one main contact is what sets us apart. Your lead tech knows your business needs and goals. If you have an issue that requires communication back and forth, you won’t need to describe the issue time and time again with someone new.

Does All Net require term-of-service contract?

No. Some providers require a service level agreement, or SLA, that binds you to their services for a fixed period of time. We never require a fixed term. You can switch providers at any time. Some SLA’s require a fixed monthly fee, whether you use the service or not. In other words, “Use it or loose it”. We do offer a balanced billing option that is budget friendly, but you still get every hour you pay for.

Are you familiar with the software we use?

More than likely, yes. We have experience with hundreds of different software programs, and we’re certified for many of them, including Microsoft and Quickbooks products.

Still have more questions? We would be happy to answer them.

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