Cyber-attacks are evolving faster than ever, so All Net Connect is switching an important part of our cyber-security program to CrowdStrike Falcon—a next-generation anti-virus system (NGAV) with big advantages.

Common anti-virus programs are installed on local machines, where they search for chunks of malicious computer code. These scans can bog down local networks. CrowdStrike Falcon, in contrast, is “Cloud-native” technology that leaves only a tiny footprint on your system. CrowdStrike’s “agent” is a sensor. Instead of looking for chunks of code, these sensors search for suspicious “actions” or patterns of behavior across a network of tens of millions of machines. (That’s the “crowd.”) Sensors report suspicious activity to the Cloud, where CrowdStrike data centers can detect, isolate and defeat them. And it’s done at the speed of a Google search.

CrowdStrike clients include giant organizations like Verizon and the U.S. Defense Department, but All Net Connect is partnering with CrowdStrike to make it affordable for our customers. We also bundle CrowdStrike with Qualys, which alerts you to weak passwords, leaky firewalls and other issues. And we offer KnowBe4 security analysis and training for your staff. (Training is your most effective protection against today’s threats.)

All Net Connect techs can install and manage this faster, more effective security system for you—and we can do it for about the same cost as standard anti-virus protection.

Contact us for details. Our success depends on your safety, so we love to talk security.