A strong safety culture is the best cyber security tool.

I ran a crew of electricians who set an extraordinary safety record in a harsh environment. The deepest level of the Homestake gold mine was 8,000 feet underground. Rock temperatures were 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity was 100 percent. Miners couldn’t work there, or even survive long, without cooling from 60-ton air conditioners. Miners also needed electricity for lighting, communications, transportation and, of course, mining. Our electricians installed and maintained this complex power infrastructure in a hot, dark, dangerous place. And they did it without a single a lost-time accident for 19 years straight, including my 12 years as crew leader.

How did we do it? My boss and mentor, Louis Hoffman, encouraged us to begin shifts with a cup of coffee and a safety discussion. We talked about things like lockout/tagout procedures and precautions for working in and around shafts. And we kept talking throughout the shift. Ollie Lewis, our colleague, was great at it, constantly reminding us to use safety glasses and respirators and fall protection. And sweep the floor! (A crucial safety procedure in that environment.) We stayed safe by renewing and reinforcing our safety culture every single day.

Cybersecurity works the same way. Your best defense against spyware, ransomware, phishing and the multitude of other cyberthreats is to make security a daily team practice. That takes training, and All Net can help. We support our clients to set up and use KnowBe4, an industry leader in creating security cultures and reducing human risk. It’s affordable and effective. Contact us for details.