Working from home can keep employees productive and safe. We use applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to keep All Net Connect connected, but working remotely also requires updating the software between your ears. To put yourself in the proper frame of mind to work from home,  consider these seven simple steps from The MUSE:

  • Get dressed. (Casual is OK. Pajamas, not so much.)
  • Prepare your workspace. (You don’t need a room called an “office.”)
  • Prepare your brain with a short “commute.” (Music! Exercise!)
  • Get to work on time. (Stop on time too.)
  • Reduce distractions (like news reports) by taking regular breaks.
  • Make a plan with coworkers how best to communicate. (And do it often.)
  • Socialize with coworkers, too. (Yes! It improves productivity.)

If you are a dog parent like me, working from home may seem like a great way to bond. At first! Here is a great article to help navigate the change in both your lives.

You’ll find details about each of these tips here. The takeaway idea is simple. “Working remote” is a skill you can develop. And yes, you’ll also need to learn how to use networking platforms safely and effectively. Stay tuned for some safety tips.