J.W. Singer

Deadwood native JW Singer started his IT career at All Net in 2017, thanks to a mentor, All Net partner Eddie Muñoz. “Eddie said it was going to be a lot of fun,” JW remembers. JW trained with Eddie and All Net systems administrator Bric Browning. JW also has continued taking formal courses, like Network Plus, but he says All Net itself has been the best school. “You can’t get any better onsite technology training. There’s always somebody there to help.” And there are always opportunities to grow. “Things never stay the same for very long in this field. That keeps you on your toes and forces you to keep learning new things.” JW focuses on “end-user support,” which means he’s the guy who shows up, at your desk or by remote connection, when things go wrong. More important, he also does software and hardware maintenance to prevent problems. Better still, he maintains software and hardware to avoid those problems. When JW isn’t working, you can find him hiking, skiing or fishing in the Black Hills or just spending time with friends, family and his dog Skye. JW’s also a gamer, and he and a friend have a plan to create one of their own. “It’s all talk so far,” he admits. “We’re still in development!”


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