Jared Hafner

Jared Hafner was born and raised in the Black Hills. His interest in technology began in grade school. Then a high school teacher noticed his passion and his potential and urged him to go into information technology. That’s what Jared did, earning two IT degrees at Mitchell Technical Institute—one in systems administration and one in network administration. Jared’s been working in IT since 2014, all of it with All Net Connect. Jared designs networks and maintains systems for companies in finance, gaming, mining and more. “I like making things work. Whether it be something that’s broken or something new that needs to be set up or installed.”

Jared’s a self-starter, so he’s enjoying a career that offers a measure of freedom and flexibility, plus opportunities to grow. “Those are rare benefits that All Net provides,” he says. When he’s not pursuing his passion for technology, Jared rides ATVs, camps and shoots pool.



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