Isaac Dagel

Isaac Dagel joined All Net Connections in 2013. He grew up in Virginia and in Henry, S.D., and he studied computer science at South Dakota State University. Isaac also worked in the university’s IT department for five years, focusing on end-user support, workstation setup and maintenance of websites. Though he describes himself as a programmer, Isaac’s skills are wide-ranging. For example, he’s a Mac specialist and adept with VMware virtualization software. Isaac joined All Net Connections in 2013. “I like to make things work,” he says.

That includes sports cars. He races his Mazda RX-7 on the Champ Car circuit, which emphasizes fast, safe race cars built on low budgets—values that fit nicely with All Net’s mission. “We haven’t crashed it yet,” he says. He’s also been training for his first marathon (Crazy Horse, on October 8, 2022), and he plans to run an ultramarathon in 2023. Isaac lives in Rapid City.


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